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InsuranceLeadsStore specializes in providing affordable health insurance leads with 100% conversion potential to agents across the United States. Therefore, if you are looking to grow your business fast and earn more money, you can take advantage of our specialist services. Benefit with our years of lead generation experience that guarantees quick results and earnings.All our health insurance leads are suitable for all types of insurance agents. To get started, contact us today!

  • High intent health insurance leads for prime and sub-prime markets.
  • High volume health leads available in all 50 states, cities and major metropolitan areas.
  • Income details available to check affordability
  • Consumers with or without major health conditions available, including diabetics, which are great leads to sell diabetic supplies.
  • Medicare and 65+ age group leads available.
  • All our health insurance leads are web generated and come with a Jornaya LeadID token to ensure TCPA compliance.

Health Insurance Lead Sample

First Name Rebecca
Last Name Quick
Gender Male
Date Of Birth 10-11-1965
Marital Status Single
Height 5 Ft, 11 In
Weight 160
Address 196 Bogue Forest Drive
City Newport
State NC
Zip 28570
Home Phone 9107506793
Work Phone 9107506793
Rent / Own Own
Residence 1 Year, 1 Month
Insurance Company Blue Cross And Blue Shield
Policy Expire Date 01-01-2017
Year Insured 2
Soon Policy 2
Current Plan Type Not Sure
Not Sure Not Sure
Co-pay 5
Deductible 500
Income 100000
Coverage Type Individual
Contact Time Evening
Insurance by Job No
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People prefer our services for getting low cost health insurance leads for the following reasons.

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We generate top quality and low cost health insurance leads every year as thousands of visitors throng our website to make inquiries regarding availability of healthcare insurance plans. All leads supplied by us are interest validated and so, it is easier to convert lead prospects into potential customers. As an agent, you can get real-time delivery of health leads and by directly contacting the lead prospects; you can sell your health insurance products with regular follow-ups.

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We provide real-time wholesale health insurance leads derived from probable customers who are in search of affordable healthcare coverage. Besides, our marketing strategies enable us to generate top quality health insurance leads for higher volumes.

All leads are qualified and the system matches them with agents’ requirements. It is our unlimited lead generation power, stringent qualifying procedures and high conversion rates makes us market leaders in supply of high-intent bulk health insurance leads. Hence, agents have the chance to buy leads at highly competitive prices and get value for money spent.

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