About Us

About The Company

We could say that we are the best and the greatest on this planet, isn’t that why all the typical sales-pitch based product websites have the “About us” page? But we will refrain from going there and try to keep our pitch real simple:

What We Offer

  • We probably have the lowest cost, sold-once, web-generated insurance leads on the web.
  • We probably can provide you the best ROI due to our low cost.
  • We probably could be your one stop shop for all your insurance lead needs.
  • Do we guarantee that every call you make will be picked up? No, we don’t. But yes, we will have a very good contact rate
  • Do we guarantee that every call that is picked up will end up in a quote? No, we don’t. But yes, we can say that if you open your call correctly and pitch the right product at competitive prices, you have a great change to quote every consumer you talk to.
  • Do we guarantee that every quote you make will end into a policy sale? Absolutely not, nobody can. As we all know, selling insurance can be like sowing seeds, some plants could bloom, some simply wont. All you can do is quote the best product the most competitive pricing and keep doing that over and over again.
  • We can provide and assist you with all the tools you might need to be successful with online generated leads, after all it takes a different type of effort to close online leads.
  • Our online, self-serve system is easy to use, you can setup and fund your account yourself or call our sales team to help you setup your account today!

Here's How to Begin

We just need to get some of your information and then we will contact you to make sure we are a good fit for you. There will be no pressure, contracts, or hidden fees - fill out this form to get started.

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